The Reef

A unique sunset beach location in Las Terrenas

Located in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic, where you will enjoy the landscape of mountains and beaches at the same time. Starting at $350K on the beachfront.

The Reef is born from the union between water and vegetation, an ambitious project that seeks the coexistence of human beings with the environment in which they find themselves, thus preserving the wild and natural character of the enclave in which it is located. It is intended that the buildings be integrated into the nature that surrounds them, for this purpose we combine stone, biophilic and textured materials, where vegetation can proliferate between their joints. Water is one of the main factors of the project, being the main artery that connects the entire project. The Reef has a water surface of 9,750 m2, divided into four large natural pools that join a water line that leads the project to the sea. To do this, we rely on the existing water channels on the plot, sanitizing and carrying them out. accessible to users of the complex. The complex consists of 19 blocks. The hotel would be located on the beachfront, housing 81 rooms, an amenity area that includes game rooms, an outdoor pool, a restaurant on the street level and a beachfront rooftop with an infinity pool. that visually connects with the ocean. Next to it, we find the 42 housing blocks with direct views of the sea, which in turn have a direct connection to the beach. The beach club and the villa complete the first line of the plot, leaving a large free central space through which the rest of the complex can be passed. glimpsed The rest of the twelve residential buildings sit on the site in such a way as to adapt to the existing vegetation, creating small interior ecosystems assembling four small neighborhoods The two blocks of commercial areas and services of the complex are located in the access area.


***The $199,000 units are all sold out. (as of January 22, 2021). Fully furnished and equipped.
***As of March 1 prices rise by 10%
***All beachfront penthouses SOLD OUT
***As of March 9 only 90 units remain

Prices and availability, as well as terms and conditions, are subject to change without notice.


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