Selling your home is probably one of the most important investments in your life, so you should take the process of choosing a real estate agent seriously. We all always look for a way to save a little money in the business transactions we do, but in some cases it is better to seek help from a professional so that they can guide us and shorten the time of the process. If you want to make an investment in a city you don’t know, it’s important to learn about the local schools, new developments and business areas. A good real estate agent knows about all these things and can help you make the best decision when buying or selling a property. In addition, he will present you with the best options according to your needs and make appointments to visit them, which will save you a lot of time and headaches.

10 points to consider before hiring a Realtor

  1. Knowledge and expertise in your neighborhood: You should be able to answer the following 4 questions regarding your neighborhood:
    • What is the average price per square foot of the available units?
    • What is the average price per square foot of units sold?
    • On average, how many days does it take for properties to sell?
    • Comparative analysis of prices and sales of the last 3 years and what is the future forecast
  2. Price Range of your last sales: Look for someone who regularly works with houses in your price range to ensure familiarity with your market.
  3. Number of properties sold in the last year: it is an indicator of experience. Greater number of properties = greater experience.
  4. Neighborhood Experience: Familiarity, knowledge and experience with your neighborhood can be the difference between “for sale” and “selling”.
  5. Difference between the initial market price and the final sale price. Many brokers accept the price you want and then start asking for price reductions. Look for someone who, through comparables, assigns a realistic selling price.
  6. Property Marketability: Marketing involves more than just an MLS listing. Find a good marketing plan.
  7. Clarity: Find someone who is honest with you about the weaknesses in your home and how to fix them.
  8. Team: Look for someone who can provide you with a team capable of providing you with legal, tax, inheritance and financial advice, which are key in this process.
  9. Communication: Find someone who will provide you with frequent updates and have him or his team available to answer any questions.
  10. References: Ask for the names and phone numbers of the last 3 clients to confirm their satisfaction.