Miami is a great place to work for professionals from various sectors.

The city’s sun, beaches and strong financial sector make it an attractive option for those looking for good job opportunities. CareerBliss has ranked Miami as the best city in the United States to work, based on eight variables.

This makes Miami an ideal option for those looking to relocate for work. The city of Orlando is also high on the list, making it another great option for those looking to work in Florida.

The well-known employment page places the largest city in Florida at number one in the ranking, ahead of other cities such as Sacramento, Washington or Las Vegas.

The balance between a good work environment and the possibilities of entertainment outside of work seem to be the main keys to the happiness of a company’s employees.

Looking at the list, it is clear that the climate of a city is a determining factor. Miami has an average of 230 days of sunshine per year, making it an ideal place to work. Furthermore, the city has a vibrant nightlife and many cultural attractions, making it an ideal place to live. Therefore, Miami is an ideal place for companies to locate their offices.

Factors studied by CareerBliss range from employee satisfaction, including work-life balance, to an employee’s relationship with their boss and co-workers, the overall work environment, compensation, opportunities for advancement, culture of the company, or resources.