The multiple listing service or MLS (for its acronym in English) is the official service of the Florida Association of Realtors, in this service real estate agents register all the real estate and properties that are available in the Florida real estate market. Florida, either for sale or rent. Over the years, this service has become the property sales history database with more information than even public records.

Today we will explain how the MLS works:


Those who wish to buy or rent, receive a list of all the units available in the market, without having to limit themselves only to the inventory of properties that their real estate broker manages, this also allows them not to have to go to other real estate agencies. estate agents and spend more money. . All of them have the same access to the MLS and therefore to the same information about the available properties.

The MLS allows for targeted searches as agents enter criteria that match the needs of their customers. An example of this can be: number of rooms, price, city, type of property (house, apartment, townhouse, commercial premises, among others). This is a list that is managed purely electronically.
In addition, through this you will be able to receive updates when new properties are published that have the search criteria that were established by you or your real estate agent, in this way you will ensure that what is offered in the MLS adjusts to your needs.

An interested client can receive information about a property at the same time it goes on the market and if the property is to her liking, she can bid on it immediately. This is why having an experienced real estate broker is essential when entering this vast market.

When the client chooses a property, his agent will contact the broker who has captured it, to make an appointment to show it to him.

Every time a property is sold or rented and the process is closed, the system records and files the data, allowing comparisons to be made with them and knowing, for example, if the price of a property corresponds to what the market dictates, or help their owners to set a fair price for their goods.