The sustained growth of Doral justifies the construction of a hospital center that allows its inhabitants to receive medical care.

The construction of the first hospital in Doral advances at full speed. It’s a $250 million, 100-bed project. “You have more than 60,000 people who live here full time, and about 50 to 70,000 people who work here,” said Carlos Migoya, president of Jackson Health System.

The hospital will be located right off the Palmetto Expressway and 25th Street, the Jackson West Medical Center, and is moving fast. Which is not surprising, as up to 300 workers can be on site at the same time. “The demographics and growth in Doral justify a full medical center,” Migoya said.

The hospital will include a pediatric and adult emergency room, a diagnostic center, outpatient clinics, a children’s clinic, a separate office, and the inpatient hospital with s10.0 Construction costs are covered by a bond issue and funds from Jackson Health System. Source: Miamiws24 – 2019 Image: Miami Diario / Pixabay